Umpqua Valley RV Adventure

Umpqua Valley RV Adventure
Wine Tasting Itinerary

Umpqua Valley RV Adventure: Wine Tasting Itinerary

Embark on an Umpqua Valley RV wine journey! Learn RV-friendly routes, responsible drinking tips, and the best times for tasting tours in this comprehensive guide.

Umpqua Valley RV Adventure: Wine Tasting Itinerary

On the Road to Umpqua Valley's Vintages

Steering Through Southern Oregon's Wine Country

Prepare to be charmed by Southern Oregon's rustic allure as you cruise into the heart of its wine region. Imagine rolling landscapes with verdant vineyards stretching out on either side of the road. Your RV is your ticket to freedom, allowing you to explore the hidden gems of the Umpqua Valley's wine country at your leisure. Pack a map and a thirst for exploration; you're about to embark on an adventure that perfectly blends the calls of nature with the culture of wine. 

Essential Tips for RV Travelers in Umpqua Valley

Navigating the Umpqua Valley in an RV doesn't have to be cumbersome if you go prepared. Consider these key tips to ensure smooth travels:

  • Plan your route ahead: Familiarize yourself with the highways leading to and through the valley—Highway 138 from the East, or Highways 38 and 42 for those coming from the West.

  • Pre-Check RV-friendly wineries: Not all wineries may be equipped to handle large vehicles, so do reach out in advance.

  • Fuel up and stock up: Gas stations and convenience stores could be sparse in more rural areas, so keep your tanks full and your pantry stocked.

  • Reserve campgrounds early: Many spots, especially those in prime locations, might get snapped up quickly, especially in peak season.

  • Know your rig's size: Some vineyards and campgrounds might have restrictions on the size of the vehicles they can accommodate.

  • Practice Leave No Trace principles: Ensure you leave every vineyard and campground as pristine as you found it.

Keep these tips in your back pocket and your journey among Umpqua's vineyards will be as smooth as the wines you're bound to discover. 

The Grape Escape: Planning Your Winery Route

Mapping Out Umpqua Valley’s Top Wineries for RV Access

When charting your course through Umpqua Valley's vineyards, look for wineries that welcome RV travelers with open arms. Start your wine odyssey by pinpointing renowned spots that balance exceptional wines with RV accessibility:

  • Abacela: Award-winning wines in an RV-friendly environment.

  • Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyards: Experience their celebrated vintages and ample parking for your RV.

  • Henry Estate Winery: Well-known for its parking ease and picturesque settings.

  • Melrose Vineyards: Offers beauty and bountiful space to navigate your vehicle.

  • HillCrest Winery and Distillery: The oldest estate winery in Oregon, with RV-friendly options.

Each of these wineries boasts ample space for parking, ensuring you can settle in comfortably before exploring their offerings. Make sure to contact them in advance to confirm any specific requirements or amenities for RVs. 

Designing Your Self-Guided Tour of Umpqua's Finest

Crafting a self-guided tour through Umpqua's wineries offers both the freedom to roam and the intimacy of a personal journey through vine-laden landscapes. Here's how to create your personalized tour:

  1. Pinpoint your palate: Identify the types of wine you love most and prioritize wineries renowned for those varietals.

  2. Distance and duration: Determine how many wineries you can comfortably visit in a day. Remember, less could be more.

  3. Winery hours: Check operational hours for each stop to avoid any closed-door disappointments.

  4. Plan your pitstops: Intersperse tastings with leisurely lunches or scenic stops to refresh.

  5. Safety first: Arrange a designated driver or consider how you will handle tasting responsibly whilst ensuring a safe journey in your RV.

By personalizing your route, you'll have the chance to savor each stop without feeling rushed—making memories with every mile and every sip. 

Campgrounds and Parking: Where to Stay with an RV

Discovering RV-Friendly Vineyard Stays

The Umpqua Valley takes hospitality a step further by offering RV-friendly stays directly on vineyard grounds—a unique opportunity to wake up amidst the vines. These vineyard stays usually boast rustic charm and direct access to the day's first tasting. Consider options such as:

  • Harvest Hosts Program: Participating vineyards like Girardet and Henry Estate offer free overnight camping with no hookups, integrating vineyard charm with RV convenience.

  • Bradley Vineyards Yurt: For something a little different, indulge in the yurt experience with RV parking nearby.

  • Cooper Ridge Guest House: Pair your RV stay with the amenity of a guesthouse for a mix of adventure and luxury.

Before you arrive, check the details on sizing constraints and amenities available, from waste disposal capabilities to water and electric hookups. Reach out in advance to book your spot and ensure your slice of wine country heaven. 

Navigating Accommodations Among Umpqua's Scenic Routes

Finding a place to park your RV for the night amidst the lush landscapes of Umpqua can be part of the adventure. You can opt for the comfort of established RV parks or the tranquility of more secluded spots. Here are a few choices to guide you:

  • Hi-Way Haven RV Park: Nestled in Sutherlin, this is an ideal base for exploring nearby wineries, and it even features an outdoor cinema.

  • Rising River RV Park: Set along the serene Umpqua River, it's a great spot for fishing and relaxing after a day of tastings.

  • River's Edge Winery: This offers a more intimate experience with their park-and-taste approach.

  • Seven Feathers RV Resort: A luxury option with full hookups and resort amenities, conveniently located near several wineries.

  • Whistlers Bend County Park: A bit off the beaten path but offers a chance to connect with nature and a quieter pace.

When routing your stay, look for spots that are not only convenient but also enhance your wine country experience with their own unique charm. Make sure to book ahead, particularly in the busier summer months, to secure your preferred spot. 

Winery Wonders: Umpqua's Must-Visit Vintners

A Selection of Award-Winning Umpqua Valley Wineries

In the Umpqua Valley, you'll find an array of award-winning wineries that have garnered accolades for their superb craftsmanship and distinctive wines. Here are some highlights:

  • Abacela: Known for their pioneering work with Tempranillo in Oregon, Abacela's wines embody innovation and quality, making them a must-visit.

  • Brandborg Winery: Their Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer have received high praise for their complex flavors and balance.

  • Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyards: This winery has been honored for their exceptional Syrah among other varieties and offers a memorable tasting experience.

  • Spangler Vineyards: With an array of award-winning reds, they are particularly noted for their bold Cabernet Franc and Petite Sirah.

  • Melrose Vineyards: Their lovely grounds complement wines that frequently secure spots at the top of wine competitions.

Each winery has a story to tell through their drinks, so take the time to not only taste but to listen. The staff often love sharing what makes their wine and their process so special. 

Savoring Sustainable Practices at Umpqua's Boutique Estates

The Umpqua Valley's boutique estates are not just about producing exquisite wines; many are proud pioneers of sustainable viticulture. Here's a glimpse at how they combine eco-conscious practices with fine winemaking:

  • HillCrest Vineyard: Being Oregon's oldest estate winery, they have a heritage of sustainable practices, emphasizing organic, non-interventionist methods.

  • Brandborg Winery: They use sustainable farming to ensure that their vineyard thrives naturally, expressing the terroir without leaving a heavy footprint.

  • TeSóAria Vineyard & Winery: With a focus on biodiversity, TeSóAria shows an utmost respect for the land, using sustainable techniques in both their vineyard and winery operations.

  • Girardet Wine Cellars: As a pioneer of solar-powered winemaking in the area, Girardet's wines are as eco-friendly as they are palate-pleasing.

When visiting these estates, you're not just indulging in a wine tasting; you're also supporting an environmentally responsible ethos that's integral to the essence of Umpqua Valley's winemaking tradition. 

Pairing Adventure with Wine: Activities Beyond the Glass

Exploring Natural Attractions Between Tastings

Think of Umpqua Valley as a canvas painted with more than just vineyards—the region is dotted with natural wonders that provide a perfect interlude between wine tastings. Here are some attractions to invigorate the soul:

  • Umpqua Hot Springs: Unwind in the naturally heated waters with a view that's as intoxicating as the wine.

  • Toketee Falls: Bask in the beauty of this two-tiered waterfall, a short hike from the road.

  • Crater Lake National Park: Only a day trip away, it offers breathtaking vistas and a reminder of nature's majesty.

  • The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area: For those craving some adrenaline, the dunes offer hiking, off-road vehicle fun, and stunning landscapes.

  • Wildlife Safari: A chance to get up close with exotic animals in a drive-through wildlife park.

Creating moments to connect with nature can enhance your wine tour, balancing the sensory experiences of taste with the awe-inspiring visuals of the valley's surroundings. 

Cycling, Hiking, and More: Finding Balance in the Land of Umpqua

Umpqua Valley isn't only about the wine; it's also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the thrill of mountain biking or the serenity of a woodland hike, there's something to complement your wine-tasting itinerary:

  • North Umpqua Trail: Renowned for mountain biking, it's also perfect for a rejuvenating hike amidst old-growth forests.

  • Umpqua River: Paddle through the rapids or cast a line for some of the finest steelhead fishing.

  • Cycling Backroads: Gentle hills and scenic byways make the valley a cyclist's delight, offering a leisurely perspective of the grapevines.

  • Golfing: With several courses in the region, you can enjoy a round of golf surrounded by vineyard views.

  • Camping: Pitch a tent or park your RV in one of the many scenic campgrounds and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Pacific Northwest.

These activities not only offer a balance to the indulgences of wine but also allow you to engage with the land that nurtures the vines. It's the ultimate way to experience Umpqua Valley. 

Seasons of Sipping: Best Times to Visit for RV Wine Enthusiasts

Timing Your Journey with Umpqua Valley’s Wine Events

For an added layer of excitement to your RV wine adventure, aim to align your trip with Umpqua Valley's wine events. These occasions bring together the community, visitors, and vintners, creating a festive atmosphere that showcases the region's viticultural richness:

  • Spring Wine Release Weekend: A chance to be among the first to taste the newest vintages.

  • Umpqua Valley Barrel Tour: Hop on a bus in late spring and get behind-the-scenes access to several wineries.

  • Greatest of the Grape: Umpqua Valley's premier gala event in early March, where winemakers pair their best varietals with local chefs' culinary creations.

  • Harvest Celebration in Fall: Participate in grape stomps and enjoy harvest parties to witness the winemaking process first-hand.

These events offer more than just an opportunity to sample excellent wines; they allow you to connect with the makers, learn their stories, and understand the passion behind every bottle. 

Weather Wisdom: When Umpqua Valley Showcases its Best Vintages

To truly relish Umpqua Valley's wines, consider the region's climatic rhythms. Here are times when the weather aligns seamlessly with wine-tasting adventures:

  • Spring: The valley bursts into life, with vineyards blooming and a crispness perfect for savoring white wines and rosés.

  • Summer: Warm days beckon bold reds and offer idyllic conditions for lazy afternoons sipping on the patio.

  • Autumn: Harvest time brings a special magic, with vibrant foliage and a showcase of the year's bounty.

  • Winter: Cozy up in tasting rooms with the latest releases and perhaps even a festive mulled wine.

Every season casts a different hue on the wineries, from the bright zing of a spring Riesling to the mellow depths of a winter Pinot. Choose your timing based on the wines you love and the experiences you seek. 


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