Hit the Oregon Road with Top-Rated Forest River Forester RV's

Hit the Oregon Road with Top-Rated Forest River Forester RV's

Forester by Forest River: 2022 Edition Specs & Features

The 2022 Forester by Forest River

Navigating the Enhanced Comforts and Design

The 2022 Forester by Forest River brings a refreshing blend of luxury and practicality to the open road. Picture yourself cruising in a vehicle where every detail is engineered for comfort, inviting you to unwind as the scenery changes outside your window.

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Unveiling the Forester 2022 Upgrades

Exterior Innovations: Style Meets Functionality

The exterior of the 2022 Forester harmoniously blends aesthetics with innovation. With its Gel Coat exterior fiberglass, it offers both durability and a sleek, polished look that's sure to turn heads at every campground. The model's new features such as a power patio awning equipped with an LED light strip not only enhances outdoor living space but also extends festivities into the evening. Moreover, the integrated entry step and optional full body paint reinforce the functional elegance that Forester prides itself on.

  • Gel Coat exterior fiberglass for a durable, sleek finish

  • Power patio awning with LED for extended outdoor living

  • Integrated entry step for ease of access

  • Optional full body paint for a customized appearance

  • Style and practicality combined for a top-tier RV experience


  • Enhanced curb appeal with the optional full body paint.

  • Added convenience with the integrated entry step.

Best for: RV enthusiasts looking for a balance between functional design and modern style for their travels.

Interior Refinements: A New Standard of Living

Step inside the 2022 Forester by Forest River and you'll immediately notice the refined interior that sets a new standard for Class C motorhome living. Attention to detail is evident from the upgraded cabinetry hardware to the modern décor, creating an inviting atmosphere the moment you enter. The living space boasts residential-style furnishings that not only exude elegance but also offer the ultimate in comfort. With a focus on space optimization, each layout is thoughtfully designed to maximize living areas and storage, making your time on the road as relaxed and organized as possible.

  • Elevated décor and upgraded cabinetry hardware for a modern, stylish interior.

  • Residential-style furnishings for home-like comfort on the go.

  • Thoughtful space optimization providing maximum area and storage.

  • Attention to detail across all fixtures and fittings.

  • Living standards redefined for an exceptional travel experience.


  • The interior feels like a moving home with its residential-style features.

  • Smart storage solutions help to keep the space clutter-free.

Best for: Travelers who cherish comfort and elegance, and are eager to experience a superior standard of living on wheels.

Under the Hood: Performance and Engineering

Engine Specifications: Powering Your Adventures

Beneath the surface of the 2022 Forester by Forest River lies a robust heart ready to take on the adventures ahead. Equipped with a choice of a V8 engine running on gasoline or the ecologically considerate V6 EcoBoost® relying on gas as well, these engines offer a balance of power and efficiency. The selection of the engine will power your journey smoothly, whether cruising on the highway or climbing a winding mountain road.

  • V8 gas engine for powerful and reliable performance.

  • V6 EcoBoost® engine option for those seeking eco-friendly efficiency.

  • Balanced power to navigate various driving conditions with ease.

  • Tailored performance to accommodate long travels or short getaways.

  • Engine options to suit different RVing styles and preferences.


  • V8 engine offers strong towing capabilities and power on demand.

  • Eco-conscious travelers will appreciate the V6 EcoBoost® for its efficiency.

Best for: Adventurers needing a powerful engine to tow additional gear or those prioritizing fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance on their travels.

The Foundation: Ford Chassis Reliability

The foundation of the 2022 Forester's reliability lies in its sturdy and dependable Ford chassis. Available in options such as the AWD Ford Transit and the sturdy Ford E-450, these chassis are known for their durability and driveability, providing peace of mind during your travels. The all-wheel-drive system delivers excellent traction in challenging weather conditions, while the robust engineering of the Ford E-Series chassis ensures your RV can handle the stresses of the road with ease.

  • AWD Ford Transit and Ford E-450 chassis for superior maneuverability and control.

  • Built to withstand the rigors of frequent travel and diverse terrains.

  • Trusted reliability, backed by Ford's legacy in automotive excellence.

  • Enhanced safety with a solid foundation during your travels.

  • Chassis options designed to suit different travel needs and preferences.


  • Offers a sense of security with its well-known reliability.

  • Diverse chassis options cater to a range of driving conditions and preferences.

Best for: RV enthusiasts who prioritize safety and reliability for their family's adventures, and appreciate the assurance that comes with a trusted automotive brand like Ford.

Inside the 2022 Forester: A Room-by-Room Exploration

The Welcoming Living Room: Merging Comfort with Convenience

The living room of the 2022 Forester is designed as a haven of relaxation and convenience, making you feel right at home wherever you park. With plush seating that invites you to sink in and unwind after a day of exploration, and an entertainment system to provide music and media at the touch of a button, your living space becomes a sanctuary of comfort. Ample windows allow natural light to fill the room, enhancing the space's warm and welcoming ambiance. Smart storage solutions ensure that personal items are neatly tucked away, maintaining a tidy and spacious living area.

  • Plush seating arrangements for maximum relaxation and comfort.

  • High-tech entertainment systems for a seamless media experience.

  • Abundant natural lighting to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

  • Ingenious storage options for a clutter-free environment.

  • A living room that adapts to your lifestyle—whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening.


  • The design caters to comfort without sacrificing space or style.

  • Advanced entertainment system enhances leisure time for all aboard.

Best for: Travelers who value a comfortable, homely feel for their mobile living room, perfect for relaxation and hosting alike.

Kitchen Dynamics: Culinary Efficiency on Wheels

The kitchen in the 2022 Forester is a marvel of culinary efficiency, designed to keep you cooking and enjoying meals, no matter where your journey takes you. Compact yet complete, the kitchen features modern appliances, clever storage solutions, and easy-to-clean surfaces. Whether you're fixing a quick snack or preparing a lavish meal, the space is ingeniously designed to accommodate kitchen tasks with ease. LED lighting brilliantly illuminates your workspace, while the deep cycle coach batteries ensure that your appliances are always ready for use.

  • State-of-the-art appliances to make cooking on the road as good as at home.

  • Smart storage solutions for a spacious and organized kitchen environment.

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces for hassle-free maintenance.

  • LED lighting and reliable power sources keep the kitchen functional at all times.

  • Functional design touches that maximize both aesthetics and utility in the kitchen area.


  • Makes meal prep and cooking more convenient and enjoyable.

  • Thoughtful design optimizes limited space without sacrificing functionality.

Best for: Culinary enthusiasts who love to craft their own meals on the move and appreciate a kitchen where efficiency and functionality meet.

Serenity in Motion: The Bedroom and Bathroom Amenities

In the bedroom and bathroom of the 2022 Forester, you'll find a sanctuary of serenity perfectly suited for the nomadic lifestyle. The bedroom is designed to be a tranquil retreat, with a comfortable mattress that promises restful sleep, and ample storage for personal belongings. Overhead reading lights and bedside USB charging ports blend convenience with comfort, ensuring your devices are charged and you can enjoy nighttime reading without interruption.

Transitioning to the bathroom, you're met with practical amenities such as a foot-flush toilet, a power vent fan to keep the area fresh, and a built-in shower skylight that adds a feel of spaciousness while providing natural light. The shower's surround provides a clean, watertight enclosure, making maintenance a breeze.

  • Cozy mattresses and soft lighting create a peaceful bedroom atmosphere.

  • Bedside USB ports and personal storage increase comfort and convenience.

  • Efficient bathroom design with a foot-flush toilet and power vent fan for added practicality.

  • The skylight brings embracing natural light into the shower area.

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces promote a hygienic and stress-free living environment.


  • The bedroom is a restful hideaway for recharging after a day's adventures.

  • Bathroom features are designed for comfort and ease of maintenance.

Best for: Travelers desiring a peaceful and convenient space for rest and refreshment, emphasizing comfort and cleanliness on the move.


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