Soak & RV: Family-Friendly Hot Springs Adventures in Southern Oregon

Soak & RV: Family-Friendly Hot Springs Adventures in Southern Oregon
Embark on a Thermal Adventure Discovering the Wonders of Southern Oregon's Hot Springs

Soak & RV: Family-Friendly Hot Springs Adventures in Southern Oregon

Embark on a Thermal Adventure

Discovering the Wonders of Southern Oregon's Hot Springs

Imagine a landscape peppered with steaming pools, where steam rises gently above the water, cloaked in the serenity of ancient forests and expansive skies. Southwest Oregon's hot springs offer an inviting escape, particularly in the southeast Oregon region near Steens Mountain and the Alvord Desert. Here, nestled among the grandeur of nature, you'll find a range of hot springs, from hidden gems deep in the wilderness to developed pools complete with comforting amenities for the whole family. Envision your family unwinding in the therapeutic embrace of mineral-rich waters, surrounded by nature's splendor, with the iconic backdrop of Steens Mountain enhancing the tranquility. 

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Planning Your Family-Friendly RV Journey

Planning your family-friendly RV journey to Southwest Oregon’s hot springs involves excitement and a bit of preparation. Kick start your adventure by reserving an RV that best fits your family's needs—be it spacious RV sites with full hookups or more simplified setups. RV rentals offer the comfort of home on wheels, complete with amenities such as air conditioning and sometimes even a picnic table to enjoy meals under the stars. Chart your route next – ensuring that it takes you from one steamy oasis to the next while allowing plenty of fun stops for supplies and exploration. Make sure to secure your RV campgrounds early, especially during peak travel seasons, to avoid missing out on those prime spots close to the hot springs. Flexibility is key: the true appeal of an RV trip is the liberty to explore at your leisure, with spontaneous side trips often leading to unforgettable adventures.

The Best Southern Oregon Hot Springs for Families

Umpqua Hot Springs: A Natural Forest Retreat

Umpqua Hot Springs is a slice of paradise, offering a connection with nature that is both intimate and invigorating for the whole family. Umpqua Hot Springs, also referred to as the North Umpqua Hot Springs, is a natural retreat nestled in the heart of the Willamette National Forest, offering an intimate and invigorating connection with nature for the whole family. As you approach via the winding hiking trail, flanked by the lushness of central Oregon's go-to wilderness, anticipation builds. Soon, you're greeted by the sight of several steaming pools cascading down the hillside, each with a unique temperature to satisfy your yearning for relaxation. The uppermost pool, a highlight of this escapade, provides a stunning view of the North Umpqua River— a picture-perfect moment that cements the memories of your family's adventure.

Kids and adults alike will appreciate the natural spa experience provided by this tranquil sanctuary, not far from the designated trailhead, where the clothing-optional policy ensures a relaxed, back-to-nature vibe. To secure a serene visit, consider heading out on a weekday or during the area's less busy hours. Given the rising popularity of the north umpqua hot springs, the family that soaks together during off-peak times not only avoids the crowds but enjoys a quieter, more personal communion with nature's unparalleled spa.

Lithia Springs Resort: Combining Comfort and Hot Springs

Now, let's talk about Lithia Springs Resort, where comfort melts into the magical properties of hot springs. This getaway is akin to the natural, pure experience you'd find at places like Paulina Lake Hot Springs, yet with the added benefits of resort living. Here, each step through the enchanting gardens feels like a page from a fairy tale. Families especially appreciate the cottages, where the need for space, convenience, and a touch of luxury converge, much like the desirable trend of glamping. Savor moments in the mini kitchen for quick snacks, and then indulge in the absolutely divine two-person soaking tubs filled with healing mineral waters—a unique feature that draws parallels to the natural soak pass experience but in your own private space.

  • Lithia Springs Resort is an oasis of elegance providing both relaxation and rejuvenation with a family-friendly twist, much like the tranquility found at locations like Crystal Crane Hot Springs.

  • Top 5 Features: Private soaking tubs with natural hot mineral waters, modern two-room suites, landscaped gardens with cascading fountains, a swimming pool complemented by a state-of-the-art exercise room, and a full hot breakfast with afternoon tea service.

  • Five Benefits: Quality family time in a peaceful environment, effortless transition from outdoor adventures to sumptuous relaxation, opportunities to explore the cultural heart of Ashland minutes away, delight for all senses with the resort's culinary offerings, and an upgrade from the typical camping experience to a luxurious retreat complete with the comfort of plush bath towels.

  • Two Cons: Higher cost compared to traditional campgrounds, busy seasons may require advanced booking, similar to securing a lodge stay at sought-after hot springs destinations.

  • Best For: Families looking to balance outdoor exploration with a pampering and stress-free retreat, complete with the opulence and convenience of top-tier amenities like a private soak passes.

After a day of soaking and unwinding, you might venture into Ashland's cultural scene, boasting theaters, galleries, and restaurants—only minutes away from your serene abode. And if you wish for a touch of the rustic hot springs experience, places like Paulina Lake and Crystal Crane are perfect inspirations. 

Integrating Hot Springs into Your RV Lifestyle

Advantages of Visiting Hot Springs on an RV Trip

Taking an RV trip to visit hot springs in Southwest Oregon is like unwrapping a gift that keeps on giving. Each day can end on a high note with a sense of accomplishment and the ultimate reward – a soothing soak in one of nature’s personal spas. As you traverse through the scenic landscapes of Southern Oregon, you'll find yourself immersed in the rugged beauty that frames the tranquil hot springs. The true luxury of RVing lies in the convenience and flexibility your moving abode provides; there's no need to pack up wet swimsuits and travel back to a hotel when your comfortable suite on wheels is parked just steps away from the natural geothermal pools. Imagine soaking at sunset, embraced by the vibrant hues reflecting off the calm waters—a moment of serenity after a day of adventure on the gravel roads leading to an off-the-beaten-path springs location.

Not only do you benefit from reduced accommodation costs, but you also have the added luxury of a private space to unwind and enjoy family meals together. Plus, opting to stay at an RV site near the soothing waters of hot springs like those just a couple of hours from Bend in Oregon allows you to experience them during less crowded times—perhaps even under a canopy of stars, granting a unique nocturnal bath experience. The juxtaposition of adventure and comfort is the perfect formula for any family or group seeking a memorable travel experience.


  • A slice of solitude: Find peace at the springs early in the morning or late at night when the gentle gurgle of the spring is all that’s there to accompany you.

  • Nature's lullaby: Wrapped in the sounds of the surrounding wilderness, the relaxation of both the springs and RV living enforce a calming effect few accommodations can offer.

  • Budget-friendly: Save on hotel and dining costs by making the most of your RV's ample amenities.

  • More than soaking: With your RV as a mobile basecamp, venture out to explore nearby trails, encounter scenic drives like those near Eugene, or visit inviting towns such as Portland for an urban touch.

  • Family time: Forge stronger bonds with shared experiences; create lasting memories with stories told against the background of a starlit sky, perhaps after a day spent exploring the gravel road adventures that Oregon has to offer.

Preparing Your RV for the Hot Springs Circuit

Before you set out, you'll want to ensure your RV is hot springs circuit-ready. Start with a thorough check-up of your vehicle, focusing on the essentials: tires, brakes, batteries, and fluids. It's about having peace of mind as you traverse acres of uncharted territory. Stock up on water, propane, and groceries—some hot springs are nestled beside serene ponds or tucked away near the cliffs, and you'll appreciate the convenience of a well-stocked pantry and fridge.

Don't forget to plan for the wastewater generated from your visits to the hot springs; ensure your grey and black water tanks are empty and chemicals are on hand to manage waste. A good practice is to identify RV service areas along your route to help maintain your rig amidst a landscape dotted with cedar trees and refreshing cliff-side views. WiFi might be spotty in these natural hideaways, so download offline maps and make sure your GPS is updated. Lastly, consider an eco-friendly approach with biodegradable soaps and shampoos, as stewardship of these natural resources is everyone's responsibility.

  • Checklist for RV Prep:

  • Engine and brake check

  • Fully inflated tires

  • RV-specific GPS with updated maps

  • Full fresh water, propane, and pantry stocking

  • Empty waste tanks and necessary chemicals

  • First aid kit and biodegradable toiletries

Gear Up for the Dip

Essential Items to Pack for a Hot Springs Visit

When you roll up to the hot springs, packing the right items can make all the difference in your soaking experience. Water-friendly footwear is a must to navigate slippery surfaces with ease and protect your feet from rough terrain. Swimsuits are essential, or choose to embrace the liberating tradition of many springs that allow soaking au naturel (do check the norms for the hot spring you're visiting). It's also worthwhile to note the rich minerals in the waters, which are renowned for their therapeutic effects, so don't hesitate to soak it all in.

Don’t forget to bring towels for drying off, and consider a waterproof bag or container for wet items to keep your RV tidy. Hydration is crucial, so pack plenty of water for sipping before, during, and after your soak to prevent dehydration. It's always smart to have snacks on hand, preferably those that don’t spoil quickly. Lastly, for those sunnier days, protection like sunscreen and hats will ensure your family enjoys the warmth without the burn.

  • Soaking Day Pack:

  • Water-friendly shoes

  • Swimsuits and cover-ups

  • Towels or robes

  • Waterproof bags for wet items

  • Reusable water bottles

  • Snacks (e.g., nuts, energy bars, fruit)

  • Sunscreen and hats

Auto Network Group of Bend has a wide variety of luxury RVs to choose from. Come visit our dealership at 20420 Robal Lane in Bend, Oregon to explore RVs by Thor, Forester, Tiffin and more. Or call 541 383-4499.


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